2017 Recipients

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Daishane Crittenden

College: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Major: Early Childhood Education
Occupation Goal: Early Childhood Teacher

"Since I plan on already having an internship in an urban school district before I graduate in May 2021, with the knowledge I will gain from both UMKC’s educational program and the numerous classrooms I’ll be observing, interacting, and teaching in, I believe I will be able to become the best Early Childhood teacher that I can be.  What makes me even more excited, is that now with BooksFromBekkah, my freshman year can be spent focusing on making those goals happen, instead of applying for a job just to pay for books!"

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Lauren Maclin

College: University of Texas-San Antonio
Major: Biology
Occupation Goal: Neonatologist

"After graduating from UTSA, I would like to get into a position in the medical world. My biggest aspiration is becoming a Neonatologist. I would also like to work in the bioforensics field, working in a lab. I've peeped the courses I'll be taking, and lightly google searched the books I'd need. Thanks, BooksFromBekkah. "


Jordyn Jackson

College: University of Miami
Major: Biology (Pre-Med Track)
Occupation Goal: Pediatrician

"After graduation from college, I hope to be a successful pediatrician down the line. I would like to open my own practice and give it a welcoming vibe for patients. I also hope to travel to Spanish speaking countries to use my knowledge of the language in conjunction with medicine. There's a lot on my plate FOR SURE. For one, I'll be a long way from home! I will need ALL the financial support I can get. BooksFromBekkah, I can't thank you enough."

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Pierce Sams

College: Spelman College
Major: Biology
Occupation Goal: Pediatric Dentist

"After graduating from Spelman College, I hope to further my knowledge by going to graduate school to fulfill my goal of becoming a pediatric dentist- to eventually take over my father's dentistry business and grow it to the best of my capabilities.  Having the support of BooksFromBekkah will never go unnoticed, or be forgotten. I can only repay how thankful I am by paying it forward in the future."

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Lajoya Skinner

College: Columbia College
Major: Nursing
Occupation Goal: Nurse Practitioner

"Post-graduation from Columbia College, I aspire to be a Registered Nurse."




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