Our Partners



Parents of African-American Students (PAAS+) is an organizational council of the Clayton School District in St. Louis, Missouri.  Their critical role is to help African Americans support each other in accessing all the District has to offer, and to accept no excuse for their kids to do anything but excel and to be anything but excellent. 


one night only celebrations

ONO Celebrations is an elite St. Louis event production operated by Ono Ikanone.  Ono is a recognized leader in designing, producing, and implementing creative concepts for social events in St. Louis. The company is passionate for giving back to the St. Louis community.




john j. university

JJU changes the way our youth and adults view the world, seeking to create opportunity for each and everyone to excel in all aspects of life. John J. University is a resource to encourage and motivate individuals. Teaching them to be successful in whatever their hearts' desire; Empowering one to create opportunities to expose one's potential!



Does supporting St. Louis African American scholars sound like an opportunity you don't want to miss? Become a permanent partner of BooksFromBekkah, Inc! 

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