Our Mission


BooksFromBekkah, Inc's founder, Dr. Rebakkah Johnson, holds personal awareness to the systemically-institutionalized financial-discriminations and discrepancies placed on African-Americans in the United States of America; thus steadfastly commits her foundation to aid in breaking that trend by attack through education.


While many scholarships exist aimed at providing support for African-Americans, i.e. full-tuition scholarships, gaps in support covertly exist: most aid solely covers tuition, not external out-of-pocket costs corresponding to expensive required-textbooks.  Out-of-pocket college costs, including textbook expenses, are a financial burden so steep that it places itself as one of, if not, the, primary factors for college-dropouts rates as early as freshman-year.

With The BooksFromBekkah College-Textbook Scholarship, however, college becomes more affordable for African-American students: ultimately increasing their chances of adherence in school and receiving their respective degrees.


BooksFromBekkah, Inc. is devotedly committed to maximizing the opportunity for future African-American leaders to create their own personal platforms that positively change the world. Due to society’s standards, most will not listen to said messages until the leader has proven to have an immense secondary-educational background. This organization primarily focuses on supporting these students on the education standpoint, but simultaneously works to instill a philanthropic mindset in order to provide the building blocks for their future leadership. 


Keeping financial disparities in mind, the BooksFromBekkah College-Textbook Scholarship aims to break the relationship between financial-stress and college-adherence for freshman African-American students.  In order to avoid students’ need to interfere with their studying by taking a job, and working long hours simply and literally in order to cover expensive textbook costs, the BooksFromBekkah Scholarship:


1.    Decreases their financial burdens (and stress levels) of “finding ways to meet the means,” which inadvertently increases the likelihood these students increase their time dedicated to critical studying.

2.    Increases resources for the students (textbooks essential for passing their classes).

3.    Ultimately, maximizes African-American students’ potential to be the change they wish to see in the world, through philanthropic-driven personal platforms.


"I envision BooksFromBekkah Inc. to become a household-, school-, and citywide-known crutch of Saint Louis that eventually spreads it's scope nationwide. We aim to break the alarming phenomena of freshman African American college-dropouts in its roots: students' pockets."

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