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With the BooksFromBekkah College-Textbook Scholarship, college becomes more affordable for African-American students: ultimately increasing  both their chances of adherence in school and receiving their respective degrees.

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1 BooksFromBekkah College Textbook Scholarship




Awarded From 2016 to 2017



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BooksFromBekkah Inc.

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Our Mission

BooksFromBekkah, Inc. takes pride in its commitment to impacting the future of college-bound African American leaders at a very critical, often overlooked, point in their lives: the transition from high school to college.  

Easing that transition is a top priority to BooksFromBekkah, Inc. because too known throughout St. Louis' black community is the "freshman college-dropout" phenomena—where roots primarily stem from distractions in studies created by financial disparities and lack of support systems post-entry to college.

Our goal is to increase adherence in our scholarship recipients’ academic careers, in order to ultimately produce an army of passion-driven, philanthropic St. Louis leaders.  How will BooksFromBekkah, Inc. accomplish this? By filling voids and breaking chains: First, through awarding scholarships that cover the universally known, unexpectedly steep, required textbook expenses.

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Our Impact

To date since its erection on the founder’s 24th birthday on April 13, 2016, BooksFromBekkah, Inc. has impacted six extraordinarily phenomenal, college-bound, African American seniors during their final spring semester of high school by means of $500.00 individual scholarships.  By April 2018, the hope is to raise $5,000 to send 10 scholars to college with textbook cushions.

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I envision BooksFromBekkah Inc. to become a household-, school-, and citywide-known crutch of Saint Louis that eventually spreads it’s scope nationwide. We aim to break the alarming phenomena of freshman African American college-dropouts in its roots: students’ pockets.
— Dr. Rebakkah J. Johnson, BooksFromBekkah Inc. President/CEO



April 2016

Thank you for your wonderful gift! I am attending American University in the Fall as a Political Science major. I really appreciate your generosity. I will use this money to pay for my books.

Lexi Smith / 1st Scholarship Recipient